08 July 2013

What I've been up to

Hello! This week I finally felt like I was in vacation, although I've finished my exams some time ago. To really start my vacation I went home, and from there I took a 3 day trip to Slănic Moldova with my parents. This resort is a very loved one in our family, we went there well over 10 times. It was very relaxing and the weather was cool, a real break from the immense heat I felt in the city. There, I  ate amazing food, took long walks and just relaxed. I also reconnected with a good friend of mine I met when I came to Slănic in Easter vacation: the cutest kitten ever!

In the following week I went crazy with shopping, I bought something everyday. I bought 7 dresses. Yes, 7!  At least now I can't complain I don't have anything to wear. Dresses are perfect for summer, so easy to wear and cute.

My weakness in the summer is ice cream, especially chocolate covered vanilla ice cream, so I ate at least one ice cream every day. I found the cutest ice creams in Kaufland: baby ice cream, perfect to satisfy my crave and not become a hippo. 

This past weekend my hometown was celebrated for its 151 years of existence with food, beer and music. I went every night and remembered who much I loved going as a kid, I would dance and buy from the merchants bracelets, toys and other stuff that was fascinating to me at the time. 

Two nights ago I went out with some friends and drank the most amazing smelling tea: it smelt like creamy, delicious strawberry milkshake. When we went to other pub I found a very cute kitty and fell asleep in my arms. That night the weather was awful, it was pouring rain and at the pub the floor flooded with so much rain. I wore a floral dress in contrast with the weather.

Yesterday was my father's birthday so I went with my family and boyfriend to celebrate at an amazing restaurant. We stood at the terrace and we were lucky that we weren't blown away by a storm. I ate Lasagna with Ragu sauce, for dessert I had a caramelized nuts cake and drank a lemonade beer. My bf had seafood pasta and it looked amazing. I wore a floral dress I bought when I went shopping and bright coral accessories. I also met two lovely cats!

Tell me what you've been up to!

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