11 July 2013

APIVITA Pink Rose lip balm review

Hello! Today I want to review a lip balm by APIVITA, a Greek brand known for using up to 100% natural ingredients. 
The one I have is the one with Pink Rose and I must say this is my third tube, because it is my favorite lip balm. I found it when I was paying for something at the pharmacy and there were many lip balms next to the cash register that caught my attention. I decided to get the Pomegranate one because I thought it would give my lips a nice color. After I got home I realized I got the wrong lip balm and I took by mistake the one I wanted the least, the one that smelt like roses. I'm not a big fan of rose scented cosmetics because I find them smelling very artificial. But I soon found this one to be my favorite lip balm

It moisturizes amazingly, my lips feel soft and moist and not at all sticky after using it. It acts like a scrub when I have cracked and dry lips, I use it and rub my lips to get rid of the dead skin cells and my lips become soft like a baby's bum.

It gives a soft shine and a very pale rose color and many times I wear it alone. I often wear it under Maybelline ColorSensational Shine in shade Juicy Bubblegum because the lipstick glides beautifully, fades evenly and gives a more vibrant rosy color. 

The smell is absolutely amazing, it smells like true roses, those that make delicious jam. When I apply it, many times people comment on how sweet and amazing it smells. 

It has many good ingredients like organic beeswax, olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, avocado oil, castor oil, jojoba esters and rose oil. Also it is free of paraben, mineral oil and silicone. 

The packaging is sturdy, the cap stays in its place and doesn't get lost in my purse.

The APIVITA Pink Rose lip balm is the only lip balm I have ever tried that really repairs my lips and keeps them soft.

It comes in 4.4 g for a price of 4.95 € / 7 $ / 19 Lei and can be purchased at www.apivita.com. I got mine from Sensiblu. 

Just to show you how loved was my last lip balm, here's a picture of it after 5 month of use:

What's your favorite lip balm?

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