15 July 2013

What I've been up to #2

 Hello! This was an exciting week because it was my birthday so I thought I would share with you the highlights of my week. 
 Sunday was my father’s birthday, Tuesday was mine and Friday was my mother’s. So we really celebrated our family this week.
 Monday was more of a laid back day, we mostly relaxed, we had to refill our batteries after my father's birthday to be prepared for my birthday!
 The next morning we got up early because I was just too excited to sleep. We went out for a coffee and just chilled. It was shadowy and cool at the coffee shop, and my coffee was cold and delicious, so  I really enjoyed my start of the day. 
 This is what I wore for the first part of the day. I wore a Lipsy yellow dress, some ballet flats and my purse.

 In the afternoon, we went with my parents to celebrate properly to a very nice restaurant with delicious food and cute kittens running around.
 Me and my parents had chicken with sauce and polenta and my boyfriend had Moldavian Tochitură. I also had lemon beer and grapefruit beer.
 After this, we went shopping to DM and bought a few things, and then we had a little photo shoot and I must say my boyfriend took some amazing photographs as I was waiting for some friends.

 I wore a very delicate soft coral dress, some gold shoes from Zara I also wore for my 18th birthday and a light blue Accessorize purse.
 We went with our friends to a nice place and had a great time talking with them and playing with some cute kittens. I had a decaf coffee.

 Wednesday I went shopping with my mother and my boyfriend and I found some amazing things. Also, at midnight we went at a coffee shop and enjoyed a very delicious apple tea and got bitten by tons of mosquitoes.
 Thursday we search for a present for my mother and purchased some seaside necessities I will show you in a next post. Later, we then had to cool off so we went at the same coffee shop we went the other night and had some cold beer.

 Friday, my mother had a day off from work, so we watched some crime shows on CBS reality and then we went to the same restaurant we went to for my birthday. I found the cute kitty I met last time and took a dozen photos. 

 I ate some chicken with mashed potatoes, a green salad with lemon and had a grapefruit beer. My mom had some broccoli cream soup (ah-mazing!) and some chicken with some peasant potatoes that looked amazing. My boyfriend had a coffee and some peasant chicken with polenta. 
 I wore a blue dress, a white belt, an Accessorize necklace, some sandals and my new bag.

 Saturday I traveled to Bucharest and Sunday I went on a trip with my boyfriend and parents. I will tell you about in a post when I get back. 

 What have you been up to?

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