18 July 2013

My summer essentials | What's in my beach bag

  Hello! I will soon go on a trip to Greece and I thought it would be useful to show you what I will take with me when I'll go to the beach, or hang out around the pool.

  Of course, if there's a pool or if I'm at the sea side I must take a swim. I love to just sit in the water until I look like a lizard.
  I choose a bright pink, almost red bathing suit with a cute bow on the front. I love it and I can't wait to wear it! It was from Jolidon, and I payed 100 Lei for it. I always get my bathing suits from there because I wasn't disappointed in any of them and furthermore, they have really cute styles.
  My flip flops are very simple, plain and cheap ones from Carrefour. I searched for ages for a specific model I spotted in a magazine, but I couldn't find any so I decided to get these because I don't wear flip flops except when I'm going to the beach or the pool, so why should I spend more money for something I will not wear that often? They are very comfortable and I will not sob if they get ruined because of walking in the sand, as they were so cheap.

 The most important when going out in the sun is sun lotion. For the moment I have Gerovital Sun suncare lotion with spf 30 and anti-aging face cream with spf 50 to use until I get the one I want. These are great, they're not sticky, they sink into the skin quickly and prevent premature skin aging. I plan on getting a tan accelerating sun lotion or oil spray with spf 30 or 50 to get a deeper tan.
  Lips need protection too and I have the Nivea lip balm with spf 30. I haven't tried it and I'm curious if it's really waterproof and non-sticky.

  I don't really wear sunglasses when I'm outside because I always forget them , but when I'm at the beach, I seem to remember them and never leave them behind. Mine are from Greece, from the last trip I took there almost 5 years ago.
  In the summer, mosquitoes seem to fall in love with me and leave my legs all red and swollen, and in Greece not only the mosquitoes like me...So I bought a mosquito repellent from Autan and I hope those little buggers will stay away!
  A new amazing find is the Bourjois waterproof antiperspirant that lasts for 72 hours. I love the smell of it and it's not making me sick, like other spray deodorants do. 
     When I'm in summer vacation I'm in the mood for reading and when I'm staying on a sunbed, hearing the waves of the sea, I feel so relaxed and love to read. I always have some magazines to read when I'm sun bathing, but I'm so excited to read the book I got from my boyfriend for my birthday: Sins of the House of Borgia, because I loved the show and I was sooo upset when they cancelled it. I want to know the whole story!

  I wouldn't forget the hat, as I'm very afraid of heatstroke and I'm sensitive and get nauseous quickly if i'm in the sun for longer periods of time. I got my cute hat from Carrefour and it was cheap. 

  And, of course, I have to carry all of this with me to the beach, so I chose a bag with a cute print on it from PAMI. It's big, cute, cheap and perfect.

  If you like listening to music, don't forget to bring your ipod, phone or tablet. I prefer to really relax by listening to the waves but I can't guarantee I will not take my tablet to play The Simpsons. I'm addicted!
  And don't forget to bring a cute towel, mine is pink (of course) and is in the washing machine.

  What's in your beach bag?

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